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Coumadin Archived Questions


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Unusal bruise on side of breast
Would my recently having a low coumadin count be the reason for a bruise on side of breast?? I know I didnt bump it
6/17/2016 4:24 PM
coumading v.dicycomine

Does dicyclomine increase INR..In other words, does this drug thin the blood?

Thank you......

Chet B.........
6/6/2016 12:12 PM
Warfarin side effects
I have been taking Warfarin since September. I have been having problems with my face.  It started out as numbness on the one side of my face. It has turned into being hot,heavy, numb, and my ears are clogged. A sinus infection has been ruled out. I went to a neurologist and she ordered a mri. My CT scan was clear. I didn't know if this could be from Warfarin since everything started about a month and a half after I started taking it. I have been pretty healthy until getting multiple PEs from a knee injury in September. 
12/13/2015 4:58 PM
How is amount of Coumadin determined from a blood test?
what do they look for?
7/2/2015 11:11 PM
Hi , does Marquette hospital have a inpatient drug rehab program?
5/18/2015 9:29 PM